Cultivating Rewarding Relationships Amid Differing Perspectives

Jennifer Pearce
03 Sep 2017
13:30 - 14:20

Cultivating Rewarding Relationships Amid Differing Perspectives

Are you excited by the life choices you are making, but struggling with how family and friends are responding? Do differences of opinion or a lack of understanding contribute to emotional difficulties in your relationships? Would you like to discern how to work with these dynamics in constructive ways? You’re in good company!

After years of living as a people pleasing perfectionist, and at the untimely passing of my dear mom, I finally started paying serious attention to my own heart. As a result, four years later, I began making several unconventional life choices. Within a six month period, I left my home town, country, and religion and began full-time traveling and worldschooling with my own growing family.

Feathers were certainly ruffled in my relationships. This isn’t how I was raised, after all, and I had no instruction manual. It’s a journey going on eight years now, and one I can’t help but be grateful for. I’ve learned how to foster healthier relationships with myself and others, and transform or let go of what’s no longer working.

Please join me in this supportive community, as we explore the possibilities for meaningful interactions beyond differences. We’ll identify what we value most in our relationships, and perceive what’s holding us back from the wholehearted connections we seek. My aspiration is to mark a turning point, for all of us, toward relationships that make an exceptionally positive impact.