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Speak at Family Adventure Summit

Thank you for considering speaking at Family Adventure Summit 2020! The Family Adventure Summit is supporting a movement of families who live life with intention. There is a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in the traveling family community and we are thrilled that you are willing to share your knowledge and help to grow this movement!

The first step to becoming a speaker at the Family Adventure Summit is to fill out this form below. We try to keep a balance of topics that will be both interesting and engaging to our attendees, and provide varying viewpoints on many subjects. While we appreciate all applications, we do get quite a few, so submitting an application is not a guarantee of a speaking spot.

To be considered as a speaker for our 2020 summit in Penticton, BC (Sept 5th to 9th), please submit your proposal below no later than March 30, 2020.

You may submit a proposal for any of the following speaking opportunities.


Our keynotes are our main headliners. Keynote presenters have had experience in speaking and engaging with a large audience and have a special talent for public speaking. Keynotes will also be expected to run 1 or 2 other sessions or roundtables during the conference, be present and engaged for the entire conference, and help us to promote the conference on their own social media networks.

Compensation: Keynotes and their families receive free entrance to the Family Adventure Summit a well as a complimentary hotel room on conference dates.

Session Speakers

Conference sessions are generally 50 minutes in length inclusive of introductory and closing remarks, and Q & A. Session speakers will be speaking to a smaller group of people in a presentation format with or without AV. All selected presenters are required to register for the conference. Proposals should not be commercial in nature.

Compensation: Session Speakersare not compensated for their time financially as this position is all about community spirit and giving.

Roundtable Presenters

Roundtables are presented in a conversational manner. The presenter will introduce the topic and then encourage audience participation. A Roundtable Presenter will be skilled at keeping a group on track and on topic while still being gentle and inclusive.

Compensation: Roundtable Presenters are not compensated for their time financially as this position is all about community spirit and giving.

Submit Your Speaker Pitch

Please have the following information ready before submitting a proposal:

  • Contact e-mail
  • 250-word proposal (full description of the proposal)
  • 100-word max session description (description that will appear in the program book)
  • 100-word max bio for each presenter
  • Color photograph of each presenter
  • Link to a video of you speaking (whether in a professional context or not)

* The photo(s) will be uploaded as individual files and each file title should contain the name of the presenter for example: JohnSmithPhoto.jpg (or other image files).

When you’re ready, click the button below to submit your speaking¬†pitch. You may submit as many pitches as you have presentations you’d like to give.

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