George Kaponay

George Kaponay


George is now in the ninth continuous year of traveling the world with his wife Bobi and their twin – boy/girl teenage children Lalika and Réka. This journey has brought them closer together as a cohesive and loving family and they value this as one of the greatest rewards they could have in life. The Kaponays have visited and lived in more than 50 countries on six continents. Learning, fostering greater understanding and empathy between people, is key to their ongoing development as a family. George feels a strong passion for helping families realize their greatest strengths and in facilitating the means by which families can find their direction and build and live their own family stories of success. Together with his wife and their children, over the course of their travels and learnings, they Co-Founded with the Pearce family, At Home In The World Family Retreats, and also, together with the FAS team, The Family Adventure Academy. They created The Intuition Game and Labour of Love, a process to help you find your true direction and see your family’s, group’s or business ventures come to fruition. They are currently in the process of launching Museley – a community based monthly subscription membership site, intended to explore the most vital and relevant topics for living a fully intentional family life. Museley is intending to engage and inspire your entire family to live, learn, work, and grow together in creating a life lived to its fullest through living your collectively owned family story. The Kaponays continue to travel the world with a keen desire to be of service, to learn together and to foster a spirit of deepening human connections.

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How In-the-Moment, Inspiration-Led-Learning transformed our lives.

06 Oct 2019
10:25 - 10:45
Water Garden Pavilion