Kaponay Family

The Kaponay Family

Kaponay Family


The Kaponay family have been living and traveling on the road full-time without a permanent home base for the last seven years.

For six of those seven years, as a family of four, they lived and travelled the world on a budget of less than $25K a year, and yet, they have had an experience that has been so fulfilling, it has seen all of them bloom in their transformation. Their journey has taken them to 44 countries on six continents, on an adventure of learning and discovery, a key aspect of their growth and development as a family.

Their daughter Réka 16, inspired by their journeys, became one of the world’s youngest authors, when at just 14, she published her debut fantasy adventure novel Dawn of the Guardian, within 18 months, signing a three book contract with a major publishing house. Their son, Lalika 16, took his passion for finding the best travel options and created and launched his own Travel Concierge Service, Destinator Travel. George & Bobi, inspired by their travels and learning, created their own Labour of Love Programme which helps families, communities, and organisations realise and bring to fruition their own passionate ventures through the power of Intuition, StoryTelling, Self-Managing Principles & Self-Organising Processes.

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