Lieve Meere


For Lieve, travel has always been a passion, an important part of her live. What she likes most about traveling, is the way it puts you out of your comfort zone, the way it teaches you how to see things from a different perspective, the way it makes you feel connected to people and to the world, the way it helps you learn and grow. Before having children, she and her husband Willem have travelled extensively, especially in Asia, where she has lost (a part) of her heart. Then when having kids, Lieve discovered another passion: parenting. In many ways, she thinks parenting can be compared to traveling, as it also pulls you out of your comfort zone, makes you change your perspective, makes you feel more connected than ever before, and helps you learn and grow. Wanting nothing more than to share these values with their kids, Lieve and Willem decided to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, leaving the 9 to 5 to become a full time travelling family. Although challenging in many ways, they haven’t regretted this decision for a moment. It is the perfect way for Lieve to combine many of her passions: traveling, personal growth, parenting, learning and education, minimalizing (still too much luggage!), reading, cooking, yoga, photography, writing,….

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