Renatha Vernon

Renatha Vernon


When Ren came from Brazil to the US at age 15, she and her host family went on a summer picnic in the Rocky Mountains, the picnic area was next to a small stream. After eating the main meal, she was asked to retrieve the watermelon the host father had placed in the stream. Upon inserting her hands and arms into the gentle flow, she literally screamed out loud. Ren had never conceived that water could be so cold!

Before and since, Ren’s travels have been a conduit for new knowledge. And she just can’t get enough of that—travel and knowledge. For years, she traveled between stints as a professional photographer, real estate agent, eye clinic manager, and full-time mom to Isaac, Bella, and Zara. However, it wasn’t enough. So, she (and her husband of 14 years, Mike), sold their clinic and most of their stuff. In February 2018, they set off on full-time world adventuring.

Ren has a BFA in Interior Design and is working toward a Master’s degree in Architecture. Though, her favorite classroom remains Life. She loves to share what she learns with her family and those like-minded people who understand that the only way to make the world better is to change ourselves.

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Creating Personal Growth Through Travel

31 Oct 2018
11:45 - 12:45
Room 5