Ryan and Stephanie Langford

Ryan and Stephanie Langford


Ryan and Stephanie Langford firmly believe that not all who wander are lost, and they’ve revelled in taking the less-traveled path throughout their 15 years of marriage. They’re raising (and home/world educating) a zany but delightful brood of five kids aged 3 to 13. They consider themselves serial entrepreneurs, and love to start, run and sell businesses. Their love of travel began when they spent their newlywed year as English teachers living in Japan, and took on a life of its own 6 years ago when they decided to get rid of most of their belongings and take their family around the world for a year, setting foot on every continent and visiting over 30 countries.

Since then, their wanderlust has only grown (funny how that happens) and though they have a home base in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, they typically spend 3-5 months of any given year on the road. Their preference is to switch up their time between setting up temporary homes so they can do daily life in a different place, and backpacking and road tripping as they explore new regions more rapidly. 

Their current baby is their business Ultimate Bundles (ultimatebundles.com) where they work with online content creators and influencers, to curate incredible digital libraries on topics like healthy living, parenting, organizing, photography, blogging, and more. You can also find them occasionally talking business and travel on their blog, EntreFamily.com. Connect with them personally on Instagram – Ryan (@entreryan) and Stephanie (@entresteph). 

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