Willem Lutjeharms


Father of three and husband to a wonderful wife, Willem is currently slow traveling the world full time with his family. Worldschooling the kids, enjoying life on the road, surfing, enjoying hammocks and running a Belgium based company, he knows what to do with all the freedom. He is an optimist at heart, living the life he loves and loving the life he lives. And, oh yes, Willem is a boardgame addict. Used to own over 250 boardgames before selling almost all of them before hitting the road. I will never refuse to sit down a play games! Never, ever! But for the rest I’m pretty OK…

You can follow Willem and his family on Instagram.com/ourpuravidalife or on facebook.com/ourpuravidaife

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Traveling and Worldschooling with Boardgames

03 Oct 2019
14:30 - 15:30
Upper Restaurant Room