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How Worldschooling Families Fund Their Travels

What is Worldschooling?

There are thousands of families out there in the world right now traveling long-term with their children! These families use Worldschooling to educate their children. Worldschooling is an educational philosophy that can be combined with each family's own educational beliefs. There is no one-size fits all way to worldschool. Worldschoolers may be traditional homeschoolers, unschoolers, radical unschoolers, or they may enroll their children in local schools while they travel. What worldschoolers have in common is using travel as the primary inspiration to educate their family.

When you are a worldschooler, the world is your classroom! Families who call themselves worldschoolers, typically travel long-term and some families are permanently nomadic. They provide their children with rich, hands-on, real-life educational opportunities through travel. Imagine learning about volcanoes by climbing one, learning about elephants at an elephant rehabilitation center, or learning about history through visiting historical sites.

How Do Families Afford to Travel Long-Term?

The world we are living in is rapidly changing. Now, more than ever, it is possible to experience long-term family travel. The possibilities for making location independent income are numerous and there are thousands of families finding ways to incorporate long-term family travel into their lifestyle.

But, how do traveling families fund their travel adventures? How much money does it cost to travel the world with kids? And how much are families actually spending as they do it long-term?

In order to answer these questions, the team from the Family Adventure Summit created an anonymous survey for long-term family travelers and we have compiled the results here! We hope that this information will help to encourage more families to travel the world together.

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Download the Exclusive Report:

How Worldschooling Families Fund Their Travels